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13th March 2014

All Saints Church

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Welcome to Doddinghurst Neighbourhood Watch. (For Brentwood Area NhW please select or send an e-mail to

Note that our monthly meetings are still on the first Tuesday of each month at 13:45. Tea and coffee are usually served from about 13:30. All are welcome.

In addition, the police hold occasional meetings to which all are invited.

We had some really good news this week (early Feb 2014) . The police detained three burglars. Perhaps as a result of this, January has been clear of burglaries. There was also some busy police activity in early January when a suspected drug dealer was chased and caught near the children's playground.

Our Annual report, prepared for the Parish Council who fund our use of the Parish Room for our meetings, is available to read on the website here

Please try to find time to look at the Alerts & Warnings pages where we post some of the latest warnings that the police send us to help us avoid scams and keep our property safe. This month is Scam Awareness month, and the Citizen's Advice Bureau have some good concise advice here

Beware, too of an outfit called ArthritisWeCare (not Arthritiscare, please note) who, if invited into your house embark on high pressure selling of unnecessary and expensive beds.

We no longer have a local co-ordinator who can be contacted at any time of day or night by telephone. Instead, low urgency, reports of suspicious behaviour can be reported via a new email address, which will be manned by three members at different times. More urgent reports should, as usual go via  the new 101 number, in particular 101 ext 320095 is used for the local beat. 0300 333 4444 may also still be in use. The Doddinghurst PCSO's beat mobile number 07896 813524 should not be used if you need to leave a message. As we found out recently, there doesn't seem to be a police procedure for handling voicemail in this number.  999 is still, of course, then number to be used for real emergencies such as a significant crime in progress.

A new national campaign aginst rogue doorstep sellers was revitalised in early 2013. It is aimed particularly at advising the elderly and vulnerable. As this target audience might not have internet access, could you please help spread the message. If you have a neighbour that you could help by giving a warning, please let them have a look at these advice pages.

We hope you will visit our site on a regular basis to fiExample content image - aligned to the rightnd out what is happening in Doddinghurst Neighbourhood Watch. Even Better - please come to our meetings which are normally on the first Tuesday of each month at 1:45 p.m in the Parish Room at the Village Hall.

We held our third Annual General Meeting on 7th May 2013. For more information about our busy year, please look at the Chairman's Report that was summarised at the meeting.

Membership of Neighbourhood Watch is free, but we would appreciate contributions to our funds to help provide the printed material that we circulate and which no longer comes free from the police.

We try to publish the latest warnings and advice from the police on notices around the village and in these pages. Most are in Recent Scams and Alerts . The scams are listed in excellent detail in the smartphone scam-detector app. We have recently been asked to publicise some information about Burglar Alarms .  

The list of links now contains one to The Angelus Foundation which  some parents set up after losing much loved children to those specially designed but untested drugs known as 'legal highs' They talk about the peer pressure on teenagers to try these drugs on the grounds that they 'aren't illegal' despite the great physical harm that they can cause.

We are active in the local junior school, helping the police with activities that contribute to the school's PHSE curriculum or general safety nearby.  Recent activities included supporting a road safety/ Speedwatch activity and planning for an advisory 20mph speed limit outside the school

The local police team can be contacted via the new 101 number. In particular the contact number for the local team, including Dave Creckendon is 101 extension 320095.

Our treasurer, Peter Salmon keeps in touch with the Essex Neighbourhood Watch Executive to be sure that we are up to date with any good ideas emerging from other local groups. Members of the police, such as our local crime reduction officer pass on details of the latest scams, and threats such as types of burglary or other theft so that we can all be on our guard and continue to keep Doddinghurst as one of the most crime-free parts of England.

We are also helping the police to set up or re-activate other local Neighbourhood Watch groups throughout the Brentwood area. WE hold some limited funding on behalf of other groups and can carry out small print runs for leaflets that might be needed for alerting residents or helping a new group progress.

Please try to find time to look at some articles about our recent activities. 
and you might be impressed by the Firework Safety Posters created by the Junior section

And you can keep ahead of the bad guys by looking at our pages on  Recent Scams and Alerts. Every month we publish posters around the village warning about the latest scams, frauds and prevalent crimes in other local areas.

Don't miss the Essex police website. It looks great and has lots of useful information. 

Forthcoming Meetings

Next NHW Meeting Tuesday 1st April  at 1:45 in the Parish Room of Doddinghurst Village Hall.


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