Small Map of Doddinghurst Doddinghurst has a rich variety of footpaths around its countryside. Many of them link up with those of adjacent parishes, and to Brentwood.

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Essex County Council have numbered most of the footpaths. Those of relevance are

FP3  - ChurchLane toward Kelvedon Hatch
FP4  - Deal Tree Corner to The Gardens
FP5  - Church Wood Circular
FP7  - The Gardens to Church Lane
FP10 - Church Lane to Brook Lane
FP11 - Peartree Green to Park Wood
FP12 - Park Farm to Willow Close
FP13 - Should link FP11 to FP14
FP 14 - Dagwood Farm to America Farm
FP 15 - Links FP14 to FP16
FP 16 - Doddinghurst Road to Days Lane
FP 19 - Cowes Farm across Solid Lane toward Pilgrims Hatch
FP 20 - Kennel Lane toward Bentley Golf Course
FP 21 - Frog Street to Bently Golf Course
FP 22 - Solid Lane to Plunkers Green
FP 23 - Wishfield to 'Rosecroft' on Doddinghurst Road
FP 25 - Days Farm Eastward toward Brick House Farm
FP 26 - From FP16 south past Sumner's Farm
FP27 - Howes Farm to Doddinghurst Road
FP 28 - Emblands Farm toward St Annes Road
FP 32 - Emblands Farm to Wyatts Green Road
FP 33 - Sumner's Farm toward Days Farm FP25
 FP 35 - Village Hall to Dagwood Lane

In addition to the numbered footpaths referred to above, the writer has added some notes about further paths.

In addition to the above, the recently created recreation field opposite the post office in Doddinghurst Road allows walkers to cut across between Doddinghurst Road and the corner in Dagwood Lane mentioned above.

There is no public right of way within or across the field adjacent to Doddinghurst Road and opposite Middle Green.
This is despite the route being heavily used.

Similarly, athough well used, there is no public footpath from Dagwood Lane opposite Waterworks Spring farm along the field boundary to Footpath 14.

Although not formally defined as a footpath or byway, Brook Lane runs the whole way from Doddinghurst Road to Mountnessing Lane/Petits Lane. One short section in the middle is narrow, rough and frequently very muddy, as it runs along the bank of the Wid. It is used by walkers, cyclists and horse riders, but has narrowed too much for vehicular access at present. Note that the ground on which the lane runs is the property of the landowners. Only the first section from Doddinghurst Road has been formally adopted.

Although not recorded in the parish record, the track that links School Road Kelvedon Hatch near the radio tower to Blackmore Road at Soaphouse Farm is a pleasant, stroll with views over fields to the north. Having been a road in the past, it has a solid surface for much of its length. In conjunction with footpaths 3 and 4 it can make a pleasant, traffic-free circular walk.

There is a short public footpath linking The Gardens with All Saints Close.