Last Updated:

22nd October 2013

Contacting Us

For non-urgent matters, we can be contacted by email on or by attending one of our regular meetings held on the first Tuesday of each month in the Parish Room at the end of Doddinghurst Village Hall.

Our Crime Reduction officer would like us to use this email address to report details of the scrap collecting trucks which regularly scan the village whilst ringing handbells.
She would also like us to report any suspicious vehicles lurking near central heating oil tanks or indeed details of anything that might be useful to the police's intelligence records.

More urgent contacts about crimes in progress or useful intelligence should be made directly to the police on the national 101 number, on 0300 333 4444 whilst it is still available, or 101 ext 320095.
The 999 number (0r 112) should only be used to report  crimes when the matter is really urgent.

Note that when reporting a crime, it is important to get a crime number from the police. If you fail to do this, it may be recorded as just an 'incident' and not acheive the desired effect either for you or the police statistics that affect the whole community. A recent mobile phone theft, for example was recorded as an 'incident' and without a crime number the victim was unable to claim on his insurance.