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25th March 2013

All Saints Church

About us in Doddinghurst  Neighbourhood Watch!

Doddinghurst's neighbourhood watch was set up by Bill Reid as the local co-ordinator and chairman. Following his death in 2012, we have reorganised a little. Our monthly meetings are currently chaired by Peter Fisk, with Peter Salmon as our treasurer and Peter Froebel taking the minutes. We rely on a regular supply of information and good advice from Essex Watch organiser, Colin Freeman and various members of the police. Until March 2013 we also received a lot of extremely helpful advice and support from Crime Reduction Officer Emma Clark, but she has now been moved to Rayleigh as part of the police  budget cuts. Tony Ellis (Crime Reduction Tactical Adviser) from Ongar now covers 'our patch' but will be busy with other areas..

Members of the local police team include PC Thomas Buchanan who we first met at the May 2012 meeting; PCSO Dave Creckendon and Seargent Steve Taylor. Thomas will be a member of the Brentwood North team and supporting us in Doddinghurst Steve's responsibility is to look after the Brentwood and surrounding area communities. He comes to us after experience with Traffic, 999 Response and Armed Response teams lead to his recent promotion. He hopes to spend two years with us and to work closely with our PCSOs to cover Doddinghurst and the other villages 18 hours a day. The PCSOs work with or under the supervision of Police Officers based elsewhere in Essex to give normal 24-hour emergency cover.

Every year we have to prepare a report for Doddinghurst Parish Council who fund our use of a meeting room for our monthly meetings. The report for 2012/13 is located here .

There are details of what we try to achieve and the framework within which we work in  our Constitution document -
and , because we work with children from time to time, our Child Safety Policy