The main areas to look at within your home are as follows:

House Picture

Front Door  and Windows

Always make sure all doors and windows are locked when you go out - by leaving a window open just a few inches for a cat or dog to get in/out is just enough room for burglars to find useful.  All external doors should be kept locked at all possible times, including when the house is occupied, with the most valuable items to be kept in the most secure areas. 

With UPVC  doors, make sure that they are locked correctly - Police are warning residents to not only lock the door with a key but to make sure you that you push the handle up to engage the locking mechanisms.  A high majority of our burglaries have occurred where the locks have not fully been engaged and have made it that bit easier for the opportunist burglar.


Consider placing a piece of wood across sliding patio doors at night/when out of your property acts as it is an easy deterrent as it prevents the door being able to slide open even if the lock has been broken.

Exterior of your property

Additional Sensor Lighting is worth considering installing at the rear/side of a property, looking into the garden and areas near the entrances to your property. By ensuring that the all exterior areas have good lighting coverage will draw unwanted attention to the intruder.  Furthermore making sure that material capable of being used to help an offender commit a crime is not accessible; for example removing ladders, locking up tools or anything else which might help an offender climb or break into a home.

Inside the Home

As a great majority of your incidents are occurring between 3pm and 8pm it is vital that you can make your home look as occupied as possible - as lights and noise act as the biggest distraction available. Timer switches on TV's, Lamps and Radios are perfect, especially if numerous ones are timed alternatively to come on. For instance having one room lamp to come on  in one room, with a radio in another room gives the impression that someone is at home and therefore not such an easy target. Lights and noise are an excellent way of deterring a burglar, so consideration may also be made on installing an monitored alarm system.

It may be worth considering where you keep keys and other valuables within your house, for example leaving  keys and wallet near the front or back door. This is an ideal spot for a burglar - so leave them in a place  where they are not as visible preferably down stairs; this will ensure that a thief will not be interested if not so. You may wish to consider using “decoy” safes such as fake dictionaries or spaghetti tins as when placed on a shelf with other food products or books it is virtually impossible to tell the difference between what are the real deals or which ones are fake.

Picture of hidden safes


Garages / Vehicles

The content of a garage or a shed can be just as attractive, so please ensure that they to are locked as they often garages provide access to a house. In some instances burglars have broken in specifically to steal car keys  - so consider avoiding leaving keys near a door or window where they can be seen and by ensuring that anything such a sat nav or purse are left on show in your car.  This will make the vehicle less tempting. On a side note by wiping clean the mark left by the Sat Nav holder on the glass will remove that ring that will be visible in the cold frosty mornings, this may then  shows that you may have a sat nav in your car.

So in summary  always ensure that you:
1. Remove the Opportunity
2. Make your home look occupied and
3. Secure your home.

Please also be vigilant - a high majority of these burglaries are occurring between 3pm and 8pm so if you see anyone acting suspiciously please dial 999 or a member of the Neighbourhood Policing Team on 0300 333 4444 ext 75106.

The above is an extensive list of ways you can secure your home; you need to balance your security against your own individual concerns and feelings of safety and implement as many or as few as you wish.