Footpath 35

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Footpath 35 Links Church Lane, next to the Village Hall to Dagwood Lane at it sharp corner about 200m northwest of Peartree Green with its pond, signpost and seat. Heading south from the electricity sub-station by the Village Hall, the path officially follows the western side of the row of trees that divides the playing fields. It then follows the southern boundary of the playing field, picking up the school boundary, across a bridge, through a gate and across the fields to Dagwood Lane.

The ECC definition
is as follows:-
From Church Lane leading south eastwards for 7mt through a gap at the eastern end of th eVillage Hall car park and past the electricity sub-station. Then turns north-eastwards for 2m onto the grass beside the play area. Width to this point is at least 1.5mt.
Then continuing south-eastwards onthe western side of a line of trees for 120mt then south-westwards for 82mt following the southern boundary of the playing field, next to t a row of trees. Then southwards beside a ditch for 70mt to cross a bridge and continue southwards for 16mt. This section has a width of 2mt. Then with unspecified width, continuing south-eastwards to Dagwood Lane, north-west of Peartree Farm.