Footpath 33

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Footpath 33 starts from Footpath 26 south of Sumners Farm and  west of Howe's Farm . It is not an easy path to follow, since it is not well signposted. One section follows a field boundary rather than cutting diagonally across the field as seems to be indicated on the map, and at another point, a key signpost has fallen over. (It appears that one should cross the brook using the bridge by the fallen signpost instead of continuing along the field boundary as appears to be the expected route. The path runs west and then southwest for around 300m,  before crossing the parish boundary and becoming Brentwood footpath 21 which re-crosses into the parish as Doddinghurst Footpath 25 to Days Farm on Days Lane.

The ECC definition
is as follows:- From FP26 south of Sumner's Farm, leading westwards, with a width of 2mt, inside the southern boundary of OS field 6500 and then into field 3900 for a short distance. Then, at the boundary beween fields 3900 and 4083 changing to unspecified width and continuing south-westwards to the parish boundary where it continues as FP21 in Brentwood