Footpath 28

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Footpath 28 runs south-east from Emblands bridge on Mountnessing Lane/Petits Lane. First, it follows the entrance to the farm and stables, but as this lane turns right in to the farm, it continues along the south bank of the river Wid, getting rather narrow before eventually opening out onto a field boundary.

It then follows the south side of the river to the parish boundary.

( From here it continues as Brentwood Footpath 91 to St Annes Road in the south-western side of Mountnessing. Brentwood Footpath 91 also has a junction with Brentwood Footpath 105, which heads south-west to Heard's farm, and along the farm track to Hall Lane at Palmers Farm Cottages, whence about 0.5km west along Hall Lane brings the walker back to the parish across Doddinghurst road and onto Footpath 27)

The ECC definition is as follows:-

From Mountnessing Lane, south of Emblands Bridge, leading south-eastwards along the south side of the River Wid to the parish boundary where it continues as FP91 in Brentwood. Initial section of approximately 65mt follows track north of Kelvin Lodge and has a width of not less than 2mt, inside and adjacent to the northern boundary of the track.
The next section of approximately 110 mt follows the riverbank, has a width of not less than 1.2 mt and is subject to an anti-erosion agreement.
The next section of approximately 440 mt follows the riverbank, has a width of not less than 2mt and is subject to a second anti-erosion agreement.
After crossing ditchline at GR6097 9815 path reverts to unspecified width to continue to the parish boundary.