Footpath 26

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Footpath 26 Starts from Footpath 16 near its junction with footpath 15  (southwest of America Farm) and runs southward. It crosses first the triangular corner of a field (the path here was unmarked and impassable in spring 2008 due to the density of the crop), through a hedge and across an open field to intersect footpath 23 by the north-west corner of Sumner's farm. It then continues south, past the end  of footpath 33 and on south to the parish boundary near Brick House Farm. Here it continues as Brentwood Footpath 22, and continues south past Brickhouse wood to Doddingurst Road near Canterbury Tye Farm.

The  ECC definition is as follows:-

Form Footpath 16 south-west of America Farm in a southerly direction to the Parish boundary where it continues as FP21 in Brentwood