Footpath 25

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Footpath 25 starts just south  of Days Farm in Days Lane. It runs 41metres along the entrance lane to the farm north-east, then turns eastward across a style.  It then runs along the south boundary of Days Farm, between the conifer hedge and the edge of the pond, then continuing within the curtilage of Days Farm along and inside the southern boundary fence. In July 2008, this was the most delightful footpath, carefully mown and tended as if it were part of the landowner's garden. (Which it probably is!) At the edge of the garden, it crosses another style and continues along a field boundary eastward to the parish boundary. There is a style in the hedge a few metres north of the main run of the path, and here it becomes Brentwood footpath 21 and continues toward Brick House Farm on Doddinghurst Road, connecting with Doddinghurst Footpath33 on the way.

Note that the path appears to have been widened since the ECC definition was created. Click here for ECC definition