Footpath 23

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Footpath 23 runs generally eastward  from Wishfields Farm,  crossing Footpath 26 and joining Footpath 27 briefly before arriving at Doddinghurst Road opposite 'Rosecroft' just north of Howes Farm.

The start of the path at Wishfields is clearly signed on the north side of the road which leads between the farm outbuildings. It 
then goes eastward just outside the north boundary of Wishfields farm.

Shortly after passing the farm garden, the path briefly turns  
south across a field and across a little bridge into a  copse which is a mass of bluebells in Spring. On leaving the wood the path continues eastward along a field boundary and across a field to a signpost on the north west corner of Sumner's Farm. Finally, the path continues eastward, then briefly southward, then eastward again, to join up with  Footpath 27 for the last few metres northward to the bus stop near 'Rosecroft' on Doddinghurst Road just north of Hall Lane

The ECC definition is as follows:-

From the road at Wishfield Farm leading generally eastwards with unspecified width to cross FP26. Then, with a width of 2mt, continuing eastwards and then southwards, inside the southern boundaries of OS fields 3900 and 7821. Then reverting to unspecified width and continuing eastwards to join FP27