Footpath 21

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Footpath 21 runs roughly southerly from Frog Street, near Cow Farm. It begins on the attractively cobbled entrance to a property by a pond. It takes the right fork of the cobbled drive, continues on a gravelled drive until the this enters a private property.  At this point, the footpath goes through a gate and reduces in size as it follows a hedgerow to a second gate which leads out onto Bentley Golf Course. In early Summer 2008 this part of the path was rather overgrown. By this point, the path has crossed the parish boundary and become Brentwood Footpath 8.  After crossing the far end of the driving range (Care needed!) the path crosses Kennel Lane and continues onward as Brentwood Footpaths 10 and 11 to Ashwells.

 ECC definition is as follows:-

From Doddinghurst Common south of Cow farm in a southerly direction to the Parish boundary, where it continues as footpath 8 in Brentwood UD.