Footpath 20

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Doddinghurst Footpath 20 starts near the entrance to the Camping & Caravanning Club site on Doddinghurst Common. It runs a short distance west to the parish boundary, after which it becomes Kennel Lane and continues across the to Ongar Road as Brentwood footpath 7. 

ECC definition of the Doddinghurst Footpath 20 is as follows:-

From the road near Doddinghurst Common in a westerley direction to the Parish boundary where it continues as BR7 in Brentwood

Note that the map also shows a footpath 20 nearer Cow Farm. This is a continuation of Footpath 14, but it lies outside the parish boundary and so is not detailed on this website. The writer attempted walk the path, starting at the other end, near Dagwood Farm, but was unable to trace the whole of the route back to Cow Farm. This footpath also links, confusingly, to another footpath 19, which is also not a Doddinghurst footpath, but which goes across fields to Kelvedon Hatch.