Footpath 19

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Footpath 19 runs from Cowes Farm in Warren Lane 
(It almost appears to be a direct south-westerly continuation of Warren Lane, which actually turns right at this point) to Solid Lane. It crosses Solid Lane and follows the boundary of a house. It then continues south-west across a field

to the parish boundary and on, south-east and south as Brentwood footpath 101 to Crow Green in the north of Pilgrims Hatch. The route of the footpath was subject to formal 
alteration at the time of writing, being relocated from one side of a property in Solid Lane to the other, at the same time replacing a narrow, overgrown section with a wider, well maintained one.

ECC definition is as follows:-

From Cows farm south to Solid Lane then southwest to the Parish boundary then southeast continuing as footpath 101 in Brentwood UD.