Footpath 11

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Footpath 11 starts near the junction of Dagwood Lane and Days Lane.The signpost is visible from Peartree Green. Crossing the stile, it runs diagonally across the meadow to a gate and bridge in a thicket just north-east of Park Farm.
It then emerges from the thicket to join up with Footpath 12. The footpath then continues south-eastward across the field to run alonside the west boundary of Park Wood and join Footpath 14 near Doddinghurst Road by America Farm. The path appears to follow the more easterly track on the map above, rather than the more heavily marked one with the '11' label.

There was no sign of any latter part of the path early in 2008, but the farmer sprayed out a strip of crop later to make it visible. When the path was invisible, people walked
southwestward along the field boundary to meet footpath 14 about 400m from Days Lane, treating it as a continuation of Footpath 12. 

The ECC definition is as follows :-

From the road south of Peartree Farm in a south-easterly direction to join footpath 14 south of Park Wood