Footpath 10

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Footpath 10 runs between Church Lane opposite the end of Outings Lane down the edge of the infant River Wid to Brook Lane. This is a pleasant woodland walk for most of its length, over a bridge at its north end and crossing a meadow before emerging at a broken stile onto Brook Lane. At the time of writing, the footpath sign at the Brook Lane end pointed along Brook Lane, rather than to the path, but the location of the path is perfectly clear, as it at the apex of a bend in Brook Lane with a clear route northwest.

 The  ECC definition is as follows:-

From Church Lane leading southeastwards across a newly created bridge and ramp and continuing parallel to the brook for a total of 212m. Minimum width to this point is 2m and 1.5m on the ramp. Path then continues southeastwards with unspecified width along the parish boundary to Brook Lane.