Footpath 5

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This is a short, but delightful almost circular footpath, mostly in pleasant woodland.  Footpath 3 and footpath 5 both start from Church Lane, just west of the main, built-up area of the village. 

Footpath 5 runs northeast for about 164 metres, then northwest along the boundary of Church Wood to the pond. It then meanders north-eastward through the wood.
Then eastnortheast following an earth bank within the northern boundary of the wood.
Next, it runs southeastwards through a wood, across a ditch and finally wanders eastward toward the south western end of The Gardens, by one end of footpath 7.

 The ECC definition is as follows:-

 From its junction with FP3 and Church Road, north-west of Waterworks Spring, leading north-eastwards with unspecified width. Then at a point approximately 184 metres north-east of the corner of Church Road, behind no 24, Hallam Close, path changes to a width of not less than 1 metre and leads north-westwards along and within the boundary of Church Wood to the north-east corner of the wood. Then north-north-westwards meandering through the wood. Then east-northeastwards following an earthbank within the northern boundary of the wood. Then generally south-eastwards through wood, across ditchline. Then north-eastwards for a short distance before reverting to unspecified width and continuing generally eastwards to the hammerhead at the western end of The Gardens estate road.