Footpath 3

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Footpath 3 and footpath 5 start from Church Lane, just west of the main, built-up area of the village.

Footpath3 goes north-westerly alonside a new wooden fence and past a fishing pond on the left.

After the fishing pond, it follows a further section of fence before going though a belt of trees to a gate into a gently sloping meadow. The route then follows the fence westerly for about 75m. At this point there is a  post which points diagonally across the field to a gap between a hedge and low brick wall. This narrow path passes fishing lakes and then opens to a driveway to Blackmore Road near the junction with School Road.

The full 
ECC definition of this footpath is as follows:-

 'From "The Elms" in a south-easterly direction to footpath 5 at the north-west corner of Waterworks Spring '.